I Want A Sugar Daddy

I am not sure that love is really that big of a deal. Some of my friends have been in romantic relationships or are in marriages, and do not seem to be getting that much out of them. Many of the girls here at London escort see things differently, and I think that many of us would rather have sugar daddies than real lovers. Like they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That being said, many of my friends here at London escorts are very fond of their senior dates, and I have to say that I agree with them.

The days seem to fly past here at London escort, but I have been here for two years now. During that time I have met a lot of nice gents. Some of them have wanted me to leave London escorts, and become their personal girl. Yes, that would in fact mean leaving London escorts,and becoming someone’s regular date. The “deals” that I have been offered have been amazing, and have included things like my own car and apartment with the deeds in my name. I have thought about it a lot, and I think that I might take the next offer that comes along.

I am not really interested in love, but I would like a sugar daddy. Like so many other London escort, I am a rather independent lady. Love to me is a bit like a fairy tale, and I am not so sure that genuine love exists. A few of the guys that I date here at London escorts have been involved in a lot of relationships. Many of them have failed and precious little love have been left at the end of the. Do I want to set myself up for a lifetime of heartbreaks? I am not so sure, and I think that I would rather live without love.

Some of my girlfriends at London escorts who have just joined our London escorts service, still have a lot of romantic notions. Once they have been here for while they often change their attitude, and love becomes less important. I am not saying that all London escorts feel that way, but I think that the vast majority of girls do. That does not mean that we feel affection for our gents. Many of us do and I care for many of the gents that I date here at London escorts, but I am not sure if it is love.

I am sort of surprised that I feel that way towards love as my parents’ marriage is a very happy one. My mom loves my dad, and my dad appears to be nuts about her. They still walk down the street holding hands, and I think they are lovely. Some of the girls here at London escort come from broken homes, so I can understand why they have a different attitude. How I ended up with this mind set I really don’t know. When the next sugar daddy comes along, I think that I might just say ” Yes please” with a big smile on my face.


Rich Men; Is She Just With Him For His Money?

Whenever you see a rich man with a rather attractive looking young lady, there is always that question that you ask yourself. Is she with him because she truly loves him, or is she simply there for his money? It’s a good point and one that should be asked as it can raise big psychological issues between both the man and the woman. It’s true that money doesn’t necessarily guarantee happiness, so what may be the feelings of the rich man who appears to have everything that he wants, but is questioning whether it is true love or just a fake reality?

It depends on the adult man’s attitude. He may not be too bothered about finding a deeper happiness – he may be all about image and great sex. The chances are that if he is with a gorgeous young woman, she will be a wild ride in the bedroom that more than makes up for the fact that she may just be there for his money. He may see it as an acceptable price to pay. In addition, when the two are out in public, she will be on his arm, and he will know there will be many other men who lust after her. If he is all about power, then you can be sure that he is feeling good, whatever may be happening behind closed doors.

For the woman, she is obviously doing what is best for her. If you are in a scenario where you can either be with money or without it, it’s no surprise that she’s going to decide to be with it. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. Providing that she acts as a doting partner and does not take advantage of her man with every chance she gets, then there is no reason why the two cannot enjoy a long and fruitful relationship. However, if money is the sole focus, then there could be problems later down the line.

One way to get rid of the problems you may have is by having great sex. If the pair of you indulge in this on a regular basis, then there is a greater chance that you will form a strong bond. You may over time determine that the money is not even that big of a factor. Although no one can deny that being well off is a big help, it is not everything in life.

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